Sunday, July 26, 2015


It’s been far too long since I’ve last professed my love for Mystery Science Theater 3000. I’m going to blame this on a combination of my crazy graduate school schedule and my love of Netflix. During the last two years, I haven’t had a lot of free time to watch TV, and thanks to internet-streaming I’ve gotten far too lazy to put actual disks into a DVD player! However, I do have many glorious MST3K box sets, and I feel that it’s important to show my husband gratitude for buying them for me. I know Mystery Science Theater 3000 XX was released quite awhile ago, but I haven’t sung its praises online yet. This collection includes Project Moonbase (episode 109), Master Ninja I (322), Master Ninja II (324), and The Magic Voyage of Sinbad (505).

Project Moonbase is an early episode with J. Elvis Weinstein as Dr. Erhardt and Tom Servo. This is one of the episodes that I never saw when the show was still on the air. This episode also includes a Commando Cody Short before the forgettable feature. I have watched this movie multiple times, but I can’t really recall what happens in Project Moonbase. I know there are astronauts, and I think they get married.

Master Ninja I and Master Ninja II are both from the 3rd season, and I’m glad they came together in this set. These “movies” are actually stitched together television episodes about a white boy, his pet hamster, and a master ninja teacher. My favorite part about these episodes is “The Master Ninja Theme Song.”

The robots pointed out that The Magic Voyage of Sinbad is suspiciously Russian. I’ve read “Sinbad the Sailor,” and I am going to agree with the ‘bots. This surreal, dubbed film in not Sinbad, but it’s still a pretty decent episode.

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