Sunday, August 9, 2015


I love the summertime because I am home by myself, and this means I get to choose what I watch. When my husband is home, he has to assert that he’s the dominant male by holding the remote with a vicious death grip. Since I have been able to do a lot of my school work from home instead of my studio lately, I have had time to enjoy my beloved Mystery Science Theater 3000 collection. I recently watched MST3K Volume XXII, which includes Time of the Apes (episode 306), Mighty Jack (314), The Violent Years (610), and The Brute Man (702).

Not only did Sandy Frank distribute the Gamera movies for an English speaking audience, but he also did Time of the Apes. This “movie” is pieced together from several television episodes in an attempt to make a Planet of the Apes-type film. Johnny and Caroline are the children protagonists who are accompanied by Catherine on their adventure in the future. They get frozen in a science lab and awaken in a time when apes evolved from man. The humans return back to home just in time to hear Joel and the ‘bots sing the Sandy Frank song.

Might Jack is another poorly dubbed movie presented by Sandy Frank. I have seen this movie multiple times, but I still can’t say what it’s about at all. I believe there’s something about a secret agent in it. The Satellite of Love captives note the viewer’s inability to remember anything about the film with their concluding sea shanty, “Slow the Plot Down.”

The Violent Years begins with a nightmare inducing sketch with Tom Servo sporting a ventriloquist dummy’s head! Fortunately, Mike defeats him and rips off the abomination, and Servo is returned to normal in time to see the short Young Man’s Fancy. This short touts the advantages of having electricity in one’s kitchen as a young woman tries to attract her brother’s friend.  The feature, on the other hand, follows the story of a teenager gang that terrorizes a small town. The young women loot, pillage, and rape. The ring leader faces the ultimate punishment: she is sentenced to life in prison and it turns out she’s pregnant.

Crow T. “Art” Robot is put in charge by Pearl Forrester during The Brute Man episode, which begins with The Chicken of Tomorrow short. The Brute Man is about a murderer referred to as “the Creeper,” who kills his former college chums. The host segments are fun to watch, and at one point Servo puts himself in an egg so he can experience life as the chicken of tomorrow.

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