It's Tough being a Fanboy's Wife
Fanboy Wife is married to wonderful man... who happens to be a fanboy. While her fanboy is pretty harmless compared to others, he is obsessive enough to drive her crazy from time to time. The purpose of Fanboy Wife is to provide tips, definitions, and comic relief to those who are in love with fanboys.

Fanboy Ash/Disclaimer
My husband is a fanboy. I love him, but he’s a huge nerd. He wasn’t a full-fledged fanboy when we started dating, and his geekiness has grown exponentially over the years. I’m sure there are others who have found themselves in similar predicaments, and I thought I could lighten their burdens by sharing my experiences.
When I told my husband about my idea, he only asked that I change his name. Apparently he doesn’t want to come out of the geek-closet just yet. So, my husband’s alias is Ash.
He also asked that I add a disclaimer as well. He thinks that some fanboys might discover it and become upset because the information I am presenting won’t fit in continuity of the multi-verses or they’ll find other qualms with it. While all the information may not be canonical, it will have a certain amount of truthiness to it. This is not a resource for fanboys; it’s a resource for their significant others! It’s also a way for me to cope with the stockpile of comic books, cartoon DVDs, and nerdy t-shirts that have invaded my home in a comical manner.